Incubator, investor & business accelerator

Greenbird is both an investment business and a services business. It invests equity capital to accelerate companies’ growth plans, and provides a bespoke back office solution to ease the process of running a business.

If you are a producer with a hankering to start your own potentially international business, or an existing small indie looking for support and some growth capital, get in touch, we’re always happy to talk. We have no particular regional focus, and run or have run offices across the UK, so geography is no disqualification.

There are four key
strands to our offer:

  • 1. Investment

    We look for producers across all genres with strong growth aspirations and the capacity to operate successfully in the increasingly globalised world of television production who are looking for start-up or early-stage growth capital.

  • 2. Executive & Pastoral Support

    Running a television production business is a volatile, high-stress, high-anxiety pursuit, and having support around producers as they go through that is not always given due consideration. We challenge producers to step back and think strategically, even when that next development is due. With close on 50 years of experience in the top team, we have seen, and solved, most of the problems that businesses face.

  • 3. Commercial Services

    In a world where television production is rarely funded by a primary transmission licence, we help source funding in the form of co-production, distribution, advertiser and pure project equity finance. We don’t invest in projects on our own account, but our team is expert in helping find those missing monies, and in assisting you in maximising the downstream rights value of your content.

  • 4. Operational Services

    From providing an office and sorting out a coherent IT solution, providing HR policies and frameworks, through opening and running banking and financial management, to business affairs and closing the deal for a programme, we do the heavy lifting associated with all non-editorial activity. In exchange for a fee, we seek to liberate a producer to focus on developing and selling ideas.